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Our Mission

Home Care Assistance, a national franchise based in Palo Alto, California, was founded to serve as a comprehensive alternative to assisted living and nursing homes. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most reliable senior care services. This focus has allowed us to successfully operate as North America's preferred brand in home care while maintaining an intimate and personal rapport with each of our clients and their families within each locally owned franchise.

The ultimate benefit of our services lies in the unique features that we bring to the industry. In addition to not requiring a long-term contract for services and remaining on-call 24-hours a day, we are proud to have the distinguished reputation for employing only the industry's highest quality of caregivers. Since the beginning, our vision has been clear; hire only the best caregivers and expertly match them with our clients. This mission is observed in every locally owned branch.

Our Goal

We would love to assist in your decision in finding a caregiver for your friend or family member. We understand that caring for a senior or a disabled adult is not an easy job. That's why Home Care Assistance provides hourly services 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, or 24-hour live-in home care for senior adults.  We not only want to provide care services to you, but also, peace of mind.

Our Service Areas

In the Raleigh-Durham Triangle Area we service Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Clayton, Durham, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly-Springs, Knightdale, Morrisville, Raleigh, Rolesville, Wake-Forest, Wendell, Willow Spring, Youngsville, Zebulon, and more. Local Phone Numbers.





Jaleh Neshat

Jaleh Neshat - Owner/CEO


Home Care Assistance of Raleigh is locally owned and operated by Jaleh Neshat. Jaleh has over ten years of experience dealing with the hardships of Alzheimer's disease and dementia in her own family and experienced the difficulties that families go through in trying to find quality in-home care services and caregivers for her own family member. After this experience, Jaleh made it her mission to educate the community about aging and senior related issues and to serve area seniors and their families by opening her own branch of Home Care Assistance in 2005. Currently, Jaleh serves the elderly in the Triangle area and plans to expand her business in the months and years to come to cover additional metro areas and counties in North Carolina.



In the Words of Others We Have Served

From Susan

Home Care Assistance is an excellent example of excellence!

My earliest experience with Home Care Assistance was sometime around 2008 a simple phone call triggered a visit from the founder and owner.  Miss Jaleh appeared at my door with a small gift and extensive words of understanding and assurance.  As we drank our coffee on my couch, she explained how difficult it was to provide consistently good care for her mother throughout their period of aging.  I was initially skeptical of Miss Jaleh's dedication to creating a home health care agency that would reduce, and not increase, burdens inherent to illness laden households.

Miss Jaleh and her staff have consistently proven that such an agency has indeed been made available to families in need of medical attention from RNs, personal or pragmatic assistance from CNAs, or quality companionship for patients with respite for caregivers.  Regardless of the type of need at any given time, my frantic phone calls at off hours have never failed to quickly produce a rescuer at my front door.  It is almost like my doorbell rings before I hang up the phone!  Because my condition is unpredictable (I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with many complications), this type of response has been invaluable to my family as they try to cope with my uber-unpredictability.

In addition to being very accommodating with providing quality caregivers, Home Care Assistance also insures that the patient receive visits from qualified personnel who medically evaluate the circumstances at regular intervals.  As if that weren't enough, Miss Jaleh has always visited our home during such needy times.  She frequently appears after a notifying phone call, never empty handed, even at times when not utilizing her service.  These visits are invaluable because of the thoughtful words and gifts (the coffee mugs are well insulated and the plants are never ordinary)!

It would be easy for me to list the myriad of times that Home Care Assistance has brought our family through difficult times.  But, the most impressive qualities of such a service are not only found in their reliably good services, but also in how they handle their errors.  Throughout about eight years of experiences with this agency, I have only encountered one error in judgement.  Not only was it quickly corrected with an apology from Miss Jaleh and her staff, but staff members have continued to bend over backwards as assurance that such an error will not occur again.

My family has relied upon Home Care Assistance to sporadically care for my daughter, husband, and myself under a wide variety of circumstances.  They have never failed us and we consider them to be an extension of our family.  It is my intension to involve them in the care of my mother as she ages.

Home Care Assistance is a model home health agency.  Their excellence is like a breath of fresh air!  Thank you, Miss Jaleh, for providing such comfort to the Raleigh/Durham area!

From Debra

Too frequently letters are written to express disappointment with services and products delivered by a company or person. However, this letter is to commend one of your home care assistants, Dawn, on her professionalism, personable demeanor, and attention to detail.

Dawn arrived promptly on Thursday, September 9th, to accompany me to my appointment. Her easy going personality as well as her eagerness to put me at ease is noteworthy. Dawn’s ability to engage me in a conversation kept me at ease the entire commute as well as in the waiting room.

Dawn was very attentive to my needs and a true delight to have as a companion. Her customer service, as well as her attentive listing skills to my needs, is the catalyst for preparing and sending this letter.

While I have thanked Dawn please pass along my sincere appreciation to her again.

From Charlotte

These individuals worked in twelve-hour shifts, 8:00 to 8:00 and, with the support of Hospice and our doctor, enabled me to keep my husband home with me safe and pain free. When he was walking or showering I would not have been strong enough to make certain that he did not fall.

I was so pleased with the professional manner in which all of these individuals worked.

Their only job here was to care for my husband and they were very excellent in doing that.

On the last day of life the dedication of the Nurse Assistant made a tremendous difference in our lives. She had been sitting in with my husband as we ate dinner. Suddenly she reported for the first time he had displayed an interruption in his breathing. We were able to be by his side as, in the next minute, he took his last breath.

This was, of course, a very difficult time for me and my family, but with this help we were able to do as much as possible to ease the final days of my husbands life.

From the Metzger's

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all you have done to help and support our family at a very difficult time.

To recap our situation, my husband’s mother, Roseann, had been experiencing memory loss for some time before falling ill just before the Christmas holidays this past year. Following her surgery and subsequent stay in rehab, she was finally well enough to go home. She had lived independently, but due to her “medical adventure” her memory had become much worse. In short, she wasn’t able to live alone anymore. As her family, we felt that being back in her own place with familiar surroundings would help her to bounce back a bit. However, due to specific circumstances and responsibilities, we were not able to become her full-time caregivers.

That’s when you, the amazing people of Home Care Assistance, came to our rescue. From the very first phone call, we were impressed with your professionalism, knowledge and caring attitude. Your live-in care is reasonably priced, very accommodating, and you conscientiously assigned just the right persons to become Roseann’s caregivers. Mary and Merlin are awesome. They are friendly, more than capable, trustworthy and very dedicated to providing excellent care for Roseann.

From Diane

In March of 2006, my eighty-year old mother fell and was hospitalized. After she returned to her home, she required 24-hour nursing seven days a week, and has continued to need that level of care until the present time. My mother's physical health is frail, and since her fall, we have experienced increasing indications of dementia. Since March, Jaleh Neshat's executive skills, and Home Care Assistance's protocols and employees have provided my mother with superb care, and given me a peace of mind I could not have imagined was possible in today's world.

To be specific in my praise of the Agency and its employees:

First of all, the Certified Nurse Assistants who have cared for my mother have all been, without a single exception after many months, extraordinarily dignified, respectful, lovingly gentle, extremely responsible and capable women. I have never had any reason to hesitate for even a moment to leave my cherished and sometimes, helpless mother in their care. I am there every day morning and night and I assure you would know if things did not go as they should. The Agency has set protocols which they must all follow, which are very helpful to me, for example, logs of the notable events that take place during each shift, and the CNAs are exceptionally faithful about fulfilling every task.

Jaleh Neshat herself, I believe, creates the entire tone of the Agency in the Raleigh area. I have observed that Jaleh has been unfailingly patient with my phone calls at any time of day or night - I think she is on-duty all the time; she has always reassured me sincerely and demonstrated she means it when she says that the overriding concern is to be sure my mother is as safe and content and comfortable as it is possible to make her. Also Jaleh's schedules never "break down". In other words, her employees never fail to show up on time and cover every minute of my mother's day so reliably that I don't even have to question whether someone has really arrived to take the next shift. Furthermore, the caliber of women that Jaleh has sent into our lives is a testament to her own and Home Care Assistance's high standards and her skill in recruiting only the very best.

In conclusion, I simply do not believe it is possible that any nursing service could have done more for me and my mother. Jaleh and her "ladies", as my mother and I call them, have been an answer to a prayer. I am honored to be a reference for the service at any time.

From Hanna

I am writing to express my appreciation for your work on my and my mom's behalf. When my mom came home to her apartment from rehab I was exhausted and she was scared. It was a difficult transition for her, and I was unable to be there much of the time due to my own health problems. I can't tell you how reassuring it was to know that your agency was with her 24 hours a day. You were a source of support for me through some hard times with my mom, and all of the aides from your agency who worked with her were a tremendous source of support for her. The aides from your agency were experienced, professional, competent, and able to take initiative to do whatever needed to be done.

In the past I've worked with aides from other agencies assisting my mom and, unfortunately, they wanted to do the bare minimum and were happy to sit on the sofa and watch television. They brought their personal life dramas into my mom's home and fostered a sense of insecurity for my mom. The aides from Home Care Assistance were very different. They had a positive attitude; they were eager to be helpful; they looked for things that needed to be done around the apartment; they loved to be busy, they had a sense of humor; and they were very responsive to my mom. They made me feel like it was OK for me to take care of my own health because my mom was well looked-after.

As you know, we had one incident in particular in which my mom was very difficult and I felt that she acted inappropriately toward an aide. You not only helped me calm down, but you also provided a perspective for me that helped me to understand the situation from a different viewpoint and allowed me to respond to my mother in a different and more loving way. I will always be so appreciative for the gift of that conversation with you.

The good news is that my mom's health improved and she no longer required such extensive care from aides. The bad news was that we stopped working with your agency because my mom no longer required such extensive assistance from aides! I know that over time there is a good chance that my mom may once again need more extensive assistance and, should that happen, your phone number will be first on my list.

From Michael

Jaleh, my mother's passing was met with great sadness in our family. We greatly appreciate your condolences and assistance in getting through this most difficult of times for us.

You and your people played a key role in allowing my mother and father to make the most of the last twelve months together. Without the commitment and expertise of Home Care Assistance's remarkable care givers, my mother's last months with us would have been a horrendous ordeal. From cooking and cleaning to companionship, your care givers melded with our family in a way that was not intrusive yet highly effective and always at the ready to handle the various emergencies and non-routine occurrences that seemed to spring up more often than not. Ms Q was a particular stand-out. Her commitment and caring for the welfare of my parents was without equal and the major reason my father requested Home Care Assistance continue to provide services for him.

We very much appreciate the continued support for my father and wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company and its care givers to anyone.

From Katherine

Thank you very much for the extremely professional and caring health and personal care you and your staff provided to our family during the illness and loss of our beloved family member, ___. Your ever-present calm wisdom and problem solving skills provided us both health care expertise and many comforting words during a very difficult health crisis. We are so grateful that your agency was able to assist us!

Our family had not expected to need full time in-home care so suddenly and we were at a loss on how to assess the extent of daily care that was needed and who to interview so we could begin making decisions regarding in-home care. In addition, both Mr. and Mrs. ___ were concerned about locating trained professionals who were very capable and experienced as well as trustworthy and pleasant.

During the very first assessment meeting you took time to inform us fully regarding the health care assessment process and the care you would take to match very qualified staff with the specific health care needs of our family. Your agency far exceeded our expectations in both areas!!!

The Home Care Assistance agency's initial home and medical assessments were conducted by an extremely experienced staff member with a Masters degree in Nursing. Her thorough review of all the patient needs and family concerns provided an excellent foundation for the care that would be provided and also helped alert our family to other health and safety decisions regarding our parents that required attention, such as wheelchair access, fall prevention and nutritional improvements.

During the seven months that Home Care Assistance provided in-home care for our Family, the performance of you and your staff was exemplary in every way. Our family was particularly impressed with Home Care Assistance's extensive screening and background check process. Each staff member who came to our home was extremely capable, caring and flexible to adjust to the ever changing needs of our patient. Their communication skills, reliability and honesty were always excellent and they were very consistent and careful in their daily shift documentation.

In several instances, your Certified Nurse Assistants observed unexpected health situations during their shift and in each occurrence they exercised exceptionally mature and wise judgment. You have provided your staff excellent training on how to handle potential emergency situations. In each instance, your staff quickly alerted our family to the medical concern which in turn allowed us to contact a physician or hospital for an immediate assessment. Their conscientious observations and quick responsiveness were invaluable in helping us provide the best possible care for our family member.

We are so grateful for the services you provided us. While no family chooses to have health issues that require in-home medical care, Mr. ___ and all our family were very appreciative that he could receive exceptional care in the comfort of his own home.

Your agency will be the first one we call if we have a need for home care at any time in the future! Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.


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Balanced Care Method

Learn about our Balanced Care Method

The Balanced Care Method™, exclusive to Home Care Assistance, is based on the scientifically studied lifestyle choices of the longest and healthiest living population on earth: the seniors of the Okinawa region of Japan. Life spans of over 100 years are not unusual in Okinawa.

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